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Process Centered Organization Development



What it's about


We see process centered and business focused organizational development as the combination of planned and well-defined steps to align your business process in an efficient and results-focused way.


We concentrate on your organizational structure and workflow management while considering the existing management system and communication channels, taking into account your organizational culture in the context of your business performance. 


Based on this holistic perspective, we are developing target focused and measurable ways to optimise your business and provide reliable implementation support.



Focusing on
  • Work flow management
  • Organizational structure
  • Communication
  • Management systems
  • Organizational culture




As part of the analysis, we focus on organisational structure, work and communication processes, and their connections to the management systems.


We provide our recommendations for improvement in the form of an activity plan and schedule working with you until the successful implementation.


In order to guarantee a sustainable integration of innovations we support, manage and supervise the implementation process. 






Case Study



Initial Situation….


Despite a growing number of employees and investment in a modern ESP system, Peter Maier, Managing Director of an innovative technology company is coping with an unexpected fluctuation in incoming work assignments, which is overwhelming for him and the whole team. While the sales department has high revenues, they blame very low and fluctuating conversion rate on long and unreliable delivery times. Mr Maier wonders how he can explain the problems faced by the production department to the sales staff…!? After several attempts, he is ready to give up….





Does Mr Maier see sales merely as an extension of the product and production function? Why is sales not capable of confirming delivery times with the customers? What needs to be done to address process and cooperation bottlenecks? How can customer requirements be integrated into the workflows?





Working closely with the management, our process focused approach to organizational development simulates the workflows and communication processes, as well as the personal dimensions of influence of those in charge. Gaps in the organizational process structure become visible, measurable and can be re-aligned. Support and monitoring is provided for the implementation of the process integration. Your company can once again deliver great quality on time.