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Complementary Leadership Coaching



What it's about


Our leadership coaching is an innovative and specially developed tool providing advice to managers within the context of their professional activities. Based on this definition, it is about discussing professional questions or issues with the coach in a confidential setting.


In order to be an effective coach for managers, coaching competences alone are not enough. There is a need to have relevant up to date business experience in areas concerning people who are being coached. Our leadership coaches have decades of experience in managing and leading in a variety of sectors and industries, as well as specific training and expertise in leadership coaching and management consulting.



Focusing on
  • Executives
  • Board members
  • Change managers
  • Project Managers
  • Heads of departments




As part of the initial phase, we will define themes for coaching, identify related key topics and schedule the length of the consulting assignment and frequency of consultancy sessions.


Afterwards, we will work on the key areas with the manager and develop relevant solutions.


As part of the transfer process, the coach will support the manager and will also aid the operational implementation of scheduled measures.


Complementary Leaderhip Coaching





Case Study



Initial Situation….


Xaver Franz, an international sales director at a large electronics retailer, was given the task by the board member to close two sales offices, and subsequently manage three countries from one sales location. The original plan counted was to dismiss 20 employees. Mr Frank is a high performing and experienced sales director but has never had to let go of any employees. He finds it hard to imagine the successful management of three countries from one location.

Mr Franz is uncertain how to deal with this challenging task and even thinking about the possibility of leaving the company….





What kind of support would be useful for Mr Franz in this scenario? Could this lead to an internal conflict between the corporate responsibility and his personal values? Does our company have high expectation? Are we asking too much of Mr Franz considering his previous management experience?





We think of leadership coaching as a complementary consulting for questions within a professional environment. Our consultants have many years of professional specialized business experience which can make a significant difference when compared to other coaches who focus more on psycho-social competencies. We provide your managers with professionally trained consultants, who can act as equal sparring partners offering solution-oriented coaching. The purpose is to empower and guide your top managers through professional tailor made consulting and support.