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International Team Coaching



What it's about


We are all familiar with the reoccurring problems and conflicts in international or cross-country processes, that are most often caused by the differences in language, culture or education. The negative impacts on performance arising from these clashes are challenging for management. Good news is most of the unpleasant consequences are avoidable - or at least can be minimised.


We support internationally diverse departments and project teams I in developing processes and addressing communication or process bottlenecks, so that your departments or teams can deliver the expected performance.


This is the reason why we provide trained and experienced business coaches, who have both international management experience and coaching competencies.



Focusing on
  • Management teams
  • Project teams
  • Sales teams
  • Production teams
  • Logistic teams etc.




In addition to a basic briefing by the client or the management about the problem, the team will be supported in meetings by our coaches. The result of the team analysis will be reported back to the client/manager and a corresponding intervention plan of necessary steps will be developed.


Afterwards, the team will be supported, trained and empowered to perform better, especially in terms of cooperation and communication.


The implementation of improvement measures for the organisation and the workflows as a results of productive team work, can also be supported by our consultants.


International Team Coaching Günter Hammer





Case Study



Initial Situation


A production company for lorry components located in the Burgenland region has one production plant in Austria and one in Slovakia. Thanks to demand doubling over the past year, there is a sense of excitement in the company. However, since the beginning of the year, customer returns have multiplied due to incorrect products shipments. Several large customers have cancelled purchases as the components for further processing were often not available in time. On several occasions, the order, sales and logistics processes have been redefined in cross-country teams, and employees have been trained in these new processes. However, complaints are still increasing at an alarming rate, and there is an expectation that more customers might leave. Management is under the pressure to close branches to improve liquidity ratio of the company. 





Why even all those process adjustments and additional employee training could not guarantee to a satisfactory level that the right products reach customers on time? Who is to blame for the mistakes – assembly, cross-country order processing or language barriers? How to stop passing of the buck and avoid blame shifting by the departments?





We are specialists in addressing and solving complex workflows in international business processes. There are many sources of problems caused by interdisciplinary and cultural misunderstandings, as well as issues with qualification differences, language and processes. Working closely with you, our internationally experienced team coaches will create a process-focused team coaching programme. This will help with existing process- and culturally based conflicts which can significantly improve the performance of your international teams.