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Systemic Change Management



What it's about


Restructures, mergers and reorganizations are extremely challenging and stressful changes for the investors, management, employees and organization as a whole. The difficulties involved and related stress usually have a negative impact on performance and results.


It is hard to avoid the collateral damage, but it is important to minimise it as much as possible. Carefully planned support provided by change management experts can help prevent the loss of high quality employees and customers.


Our integrative and systems-focused approach to restructuring ensures the engagement of key personnel to enable a quick and smooth reorganization. It also provides support to the people in charge of the reorganization or company restructure on professional level.



Focusing on
  • Change design
  • Project structure
  • Project control
  • Process support
  • Project integration




A comprehensive analysis of the problems at hand and the possible solutions to help you move forward, is the foundation for realistic goal setting and project planning for a restructuring or reorganization process.


During the implementation phase, one of our experts will always be at your disposal to support the people in charge of the process.


In order to prevent the organization relapsing into passivity or old working habits, the newly created workflows will be monitored regularly during the execution phase.


Graphic Systemic Chang Management Günter Hammer





Case Study



Initial Situation….


Personnel Recruiting GmbH in Düsseldorf have taken over their biggest Austrian-based competitor and are now facing the task of merging two companies in Austria.  The Antitrust Authority as well as the creditors have given their consent, and now the merger of the two companies – who have been fierce competitors for many years – must happen within one year. As both companies use SAP, no problems are anticipated in terms of finance and systems.

However, there are concerns that the merger of the sales teams will be problematic because of planned redundancies of 25 %, a fact which is by now known both internally and externally. There is a fear that quality staff will be lost to competition.





What is must be done to avoid losing the high performing sales people and their clients aren´t lost during the merger? How can employees, who are already uncertain of their position in the company, be really motivated to take care of the ongoing business?





Our experienced reorganization consultants will work closely with your leaders on the restructure or integration to create a systemic restructure design and adapt this to your objectives. The integration process will be broken up into small steps, and the concerned employees will be actively engaged in shaping the restructuring processes. Thanks to our professional support you can significantly minimise the risk of unpredictable collateral damage in the time of challenging corporate restructuring.