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Strategic Process Consultation



What it's about


Meaningful strategic process consulting is based on the principle of understanding that in most cases the client will know what works in their business and what doesn´t.


Consultants who work based on telling and selling or doctor-patient models are not in a position to sufficiently learn about your organizational culture – at least not without time consuming research or presence in your business – in order to make the relevant suggestions.


Unless those steps have been prepared in close cooperation with the people in your business – who know what can succeed in your organizational culture – there is a higher probability of making mistakes or creating a resistance when the rules have been created by outsiders.



Focusing on
  • Reorganization
  • Restructures
  • Strategy development
  • Crisis & conflict situations
  • Mergers & acquisitions




the managers to really understand the main requirements in detail.


At the same time, considering all the relevant internal and external conditions so that we can create together the approach helping you to choose the best course of action.


Providing support to your managers in the conceptual design and the implementation of interventions.


Graphic Strategic Process Consultation





Case Study



Initial Situation….


Sweets Production and Sales AG, expanded from a family business in the 1980s to a small owner-led Group of companies, has been sold to a Swiss Food company. Sweet AG´s core competencies are the high-tech, low cost production as well as the modern logistics system. Also, it is the market segment leader in five countries in central Europe. So far, sales were mainly conducted via their own shops, which caused high fixed costs and were unable to get above 10% EBITDA.  The new owners rely on the current management team but have given the strategic target of changing sales distribution to 80% external shops and franchises within 5 years. The management team is facing this task with a lot of apprehension and resistance even actively trying to stop the strategic changes from happening…





How can the resistance against the new strategic direction be eliminated? How can the existing team be motivated to follow and participate in the strategic changes requested by the new owners´ and help the company to implement the necessary restructure? How can the strategic process be implemented on time without investment and energy being wasted on conflict and collateral damage?





Our professional process consulting is about preparing the right framework and space to reduce resistance and introduce effective change processes at the management level. We will develop and create a consulting system with a suitable designed strategic process to create enough space for resistance – to see when it can be transformed into productive outcome based on our systemic change management innovative contributions, through individual engagement and participation. This approach can significantly reduce risk of unnecessary waste of time, money and expertise during planning and execution of challenging projects.