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Systemic Project Management



What it's about


We see the systemic project management as one of the most effective management system to deal with complex, new, important and scheduled business tasks in an overloaded, dynamic environment – while trying to develop a learning organization at the same time.


Systemic project management enables the projected and well specified completion of clearly planned goals using the allocated resources. It also serves the purpose to broaden employees´ horizons and understanding of related business fields through cross-departmental work collaboration.



Focusing on
  • Project systems

  • Project tools

  • Project processes

  • Project steering

  • Project portfolio management





During the concept preparation and adjustment phase, we develop the foundation systems in response to business and management requirements. We support you when choosing project tools helping to define your project management processes.


In our effort to truly embed the new approach into the business practice, we support people responsible for running and managing the project by actively including and training them on the job.


The show case of the management system and project portfolio management will be strongly supported by guidance during the hot phase in order to implement any required adjustment based on what has been learned.


Graphic Systemich Project Management Günter Hammer





Case Study



Initial Situation….


In response to repeated postponing of significant investment and innovation projects, the executive board of a CEE- manufacturing company in the building material industry was given an assignment by the owner to introduce project management systems to deal with the rapidly increasing number of complex tasks. To get it done, 40 expensive MS Project licenses were purchases and distributed amongst the HQ departments. However, so far it has not been possible to transfer more than 120 departmental projects because there were no resources available without significantly impacting daily business. The executive board is expecting an overview of prioritised projects by the departments, to provide the owner´s deputy managers with a progress report regarding the realignment as project focused business following the progress of the investment and innovation projects to a marketable stage.





How can the project management system in question be adapted to the company´s requirements and organizational structure? How can control, reporting and monitoring mechanisms be standardized? How can the executive board manage project resources and the project portfolio in the future?





Our systemic project management model considers your company´s overall organizational and structural conditions. When creating a project management system suitable for your organization, we particularly focus on the concept of a self-learning organization. The transformation to a project focused organization will be done via tailor-made planning, reporting and control mechanisms. It is particularly important to ensure the embedding of the project management system and we achieve this through implementation support and relevant training. In our role as experienced project managers, we support the organizational transformation while saving you significant amount of time and valuable resources.