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About us



The Triada company

Triada specializes in consulting on change management processes in companies in Austria and the CEE region. Triada (Tripartite) stands for the combination of the following three consulting concepts applied in change management:


Organization Development Change Management Business Coaching


The combination of these three consulting concepts, i.e. the connection of methods based on business management, personnel, operational- and communication strategies, enables the implementation of profound changes and a sustainable optimization of your business and management processes!



Who we are


We are a team of operations & organizational development experts, executives & business coaches boasting a portfolio of competencies to work with you to create and implement effective change and development programs:


Professional Experience Internationality Business Experience


You'll work with organizational development consultants with decades of experience in managing in various disciplines, industries and countries. Triada has native language competencies in German, English, Slovak, Hungarian & Czech!



What we do


We develop tailor-made & methodically sound concepts in line with your requirements with the aim of measurably improving your work processes. This includes optimization of organizational structures & development of executives:


Process Structure and Management Development


The inclusion of your management team and your employees in any planned restructure turns those affected by the changes into stakeholders, increases the likelihood of an effective implementation reducing resistance to new workflows, systems or team structures!





Locations and delivery radius


Triada Organisationsberatung KG has locations in Mödling near Vienna and Bratislava. Clients benefit from this location strategy as there is a proximity to their markets as well as the existing linguistic and cultural expertise. Additionally, Triada cooperates with local service providers with direct access to required complementary services to ensure fast delivery with a good business value.


This results in substantial service and cost savings for your local business!


Triada Standorte Günter Hammer Organisationsentwicklung




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Triada Organisationsberatung KG

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 Cost saving & benefits due to local presence