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Your Organization


For your organization to work at its best, your management team have three key leverage points at their disposal, which include organizational structure, work processes and supporting systems. Differently expressed these are:


Your Organization


Improvements within these three areas, but especially when it comes to their interaction, have great potential for result optimization. We will advise and coach your executives to analyze and understand this complex interaction!



Your Management


An important task of your management is to keep the fixed and variable costs of your business as low as possible, and to achieve optimal operational efficiency. In order to get there professional management skills are required in:


Your Management


We will support your management to create knowledge and clarity about who should be doing what and when. Knowledge is the fuel for expertise and, thus, for well-functioning work processes in order to achieve expected performance and results!



Your Requirements


Performance indicators don’t get achieved, cooperation and communication are enhancable and responsibility is rejected. Employees complain about work overload, sick leave is on the rise and variable or fixed costs increase. However, you need:


Your Requirements


We cut through complex organizational, process or market-induced problems, and, together with you, develop tailor-made optimization steps, leading to a measurable, sustainable increase in performance and results!






Your Sector


Generally, our consultancy model provides competency and impact no matter the sector. However, we feel particularly at home in the following sectors:




Industrie Günter Hammer Organisationsentwicklung

Building material, Electronics, Automotive, Mechanical engineering, Facilities construction, Production site construction, Packaging, Food production




Dienstleistungen Günter Hammer Organisationsentwicklung

Facility management, IT companies, Catering, Hospitality, Franchise, Security services, Logistics, Recruiting, Financial services



Trade & Commerce

Handel Change Management Günter Hammer

Building materials (wholesale), Electronics (wholesale), Multi-stage wholesale systems, Food wholesale, Machinery and material trade, DYI markets, Crafts trade





 We like to serve in all Sectors