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 Strategic Incidences



The market conditions are always changing and you really want your business to succeed. There is an urgent need to develop skills and competencies to lead the changes in your organization constantly adapting to the new conditions by implementing innovations without giving up business goals or losing your vision. We can support you in tackling some of the following challenges:


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Strategic Incidences zwei



The situations mentioned above can lead to extremely stressful long-lasting periods of change for your management team and employees. Our professional and well-organized support to decision-makers and others affected by the changes can reduce collateral damage and avoid additional costs!




Symptomatic Incidences



Your business is doing well so far. You have invested a lot in the infrastructure, human resources, IT and managed to enter new markets while building customer loyalty. Surprisingly, you are not achieving forecasted KPIs. There are constantly some challenging issues, e.g.:


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You might be familiar with some of the above symptoms underlying much serious issues with your work flows and processes. You might have even tried to fix it, but with no luck. We can analyse the causes of complex organisational problems and will support you in addressing them.




Examples for Areas of our Services & its Impacts



Optimising Workflow Management and Company Processes
  • Eliminating redundant tasks and dealing with time wasters

  • Reducing overtime and related costs

  • Increasing performance by focussing on the main goals

  • Decreasing workload and work-related stress


Optimising Organisational and Personnel Structure
  • Streamlining the organisation to achieve effective cost savings

  • Maximising potential of human resources

  • Increasing efficiency by setting clearly defined tasks and responsibilities

  • Matching employees’ talents with the right role or function


Development Programs for Management, Departments & Teams
  • Deploying optimised and effective management systems

  • Ensuring competent leadership to achieve high quality results at work

  • Improving decision-making through pro-active management

  • Increasing performance by establishing good cooperation between individuals and teams


Creating professional Communication Processes
  • Conflict-free and fact-based discussion style

  • Goal and results-oriented communication

  • Appreciative and cooperative attitude

  • Motivating and performance enhancing environment


Advice and Support in Strategic Management Processes
  • Supporting crisis management and preparing reviews

  • Reducing collateral damage during restructuring or mergers

  • Reducing collateral damage during restructuring or mergers

  • Strengthening individuals in stressful management periods


What matters


The tension between work and performance is always against the background of interpersonal relations and cultural as well as technological conditions. It is, therefore, important to use a strong systems perspective on these factors, which are critical in every business:


What matters


Today´s problems require tomorrow´s solutions. Human resources seem pretty much expendable and easy to replace. However, at the same time the knowledge of an individual is becoming extremely valuable. Due to rising complexity of our business world great performance is even more than ever before the result of having the right knowledge and lots of determination to succeed.



Don't cure Symptoms only. We identify and eliminate the Causes.