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International Team



Our international team consists of professionally trained down to earth business experts with years of hands on industry experience combined with powerful framework of proven theories and expertise. The setup of our consulting teams depends on our clients´ industry and language requirements and the identified change and development needs.



Mag. (FH) Günter Hammer MMSc


Günter Hammer Organisationsberatung Team Triada

  • Executive Partner

Competences & main areas of expertise:

  • Strategic company management & general management
  • International sales and marketing management
  • Systemic/project management
  • Restructuring and reorganization management
  • Organization development & change management
  • Leadership coaching & Supervision
  • CEE & SEE markets & European markets
  • International manufacturing industry




Dipl. Ing. Anikó Nagy


Aniko Nagy Organsationsberatung Triada

  • Senior Consultant

Competences & main areas of expertise:

  • Manufacturing processes & process optimization
  • Greenfield and Greyfield projects
  • Technology transfer & manufacturing start-ups
  • Project management
  • Chemical and food industry
  • Multi-national and manufacturing industry
  • Coaching & supervision for leadership and work groups
  • Organizational development & change management





Mag. iur. Anna Jurisova


Anna Jurisova Organisationsberatung Triada Organisationsentwicklung

  • Senior Consultant

Competences & main areas of expertise:

  • Management education
  • Networking expert
  • Human Resources & Recruiting
  • Contract development and business negotiations
  • Business process management
  • Cross-border project coordination
  • Personnel development
  • Management team training and supervision





Mag. Johann Christian Pichler


Johann Pichler Organisationsberatung Triada

  • Senior Partner

Competences & main areas of expertise:

  • Strategy review & development
  • Business model development
  • CRM consulting
  • International marketing and sales management
  • Sales performance management
  • Innovation management
  • Business process management
  • DACH, CEE & SEE markets
  • International manufacturing industry





Vassiliki Hammer-Katsarou


Vassiliki Hammer-Katsarou Organisationsberatung Triada Organisationsentwicklung

  • Coaching & Seminar Support, Office Management

Competences & main areas of expertise:

  • Coaching
  • Teamcoaching
  • Diversity
  • Gendering
  • Event Design
  • Project Coordination
  • Office Management
  • Seminar Design





Klaus Gert Hammer MBA


Klaus Hammer Organisationsberatung Triada

  • Partner

Competences & main areas of expertise:

  • Business and general management
  • Finance and investment
  • Cross-border business development
  • Cross-border investment and start-up consulting
  • Human Resources management & Recruiting
  • System based gastronomy and franchise
  • Due diligence management





Adalbert Fenböck M.Ed., MBA


Adalbert Fenböck

  • Senior Partner

Competences and main areas of expertise:

  • Project Management
  • Process Management
  • Security
  • CRM Consulting
  • Utilities (Oil, Gas, Electricity)
  • Sales and Key Account Management
  • Training (Project Management, ITIL, Security)
  • Lecturer FH-Studiengängen






Requirements-based team setup



Requirements-based Team Setup


The setup of each consulting team is based on our clients´ industry l and business requirements for the specific field and trade and the relevant change or development needs.


Triada team can provide professional consulting in German, English, Slovakian, Hungarian and Czech!





Our regional Business Partner



Management Consultations s.r.o.


Triada Organsiationsberatung KG cooperates with Management Consultations s.r.o. on cross border, regional as well as a technical industry level. Management Consultations s.r.o. specialises, in cross-border business development and start-ups in the region covering Slovakia, Hungary and Austria.


The consulting and service portfolio of MC Consultations s.r.o. is perfectly in line with Triada Organisationsberatung KG assuming the role as a joint venture partner in relevant projects.


The presence and expertise on regional markets provided by this partnership and valuable business connections can give a really good start and significant competitive advantage to our clients.


There are also possibilities for significant cost savings thanks to the local service providers as a result of the direct presence on CEE market.



Bratislava Triada Organisationsentwicklung





CEE-specific Language & cultural Competences within the Team