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Services Overview & Methodologies



A methodical and tailor-made approach seems to be a contradiction in terms – but it really isn´t! In our complex busy working world we all need fixed points as a baseline for our approach. But, it is essential, that the applied methodologies are adjusted to your requirements - not the other way around.


Process Centered Organization Development Günter Hammer


Cemplementary Leadership Coaching Günter Hammer


Systemic Change Management Günter Hammer



Strategic Process Consultation Günter Hammer


International Team Coaching Günter Hammer


Systemic Project Management Günter Hammer



Without structure, there is no professional work flow and without goals, there are no results! Our complementary and system focused approach combines business management and social science methodology which allows us to achieve higher level of impact and sustainability.




Our complementary Advice Model combines...



Organization Development

We see the organizational development as a concept primarily aimed at implementing planned social change in organizations. This approach is focused first and foremost on people, their behaviour and communication along with the processes and structures.


This concept of advisory services engages those affected by the development process and turns them into highly valued stakeholders. It is all about harmonising the company´s business goal by creating added value in cooperation with the employees´ fulfilling social need of being appreciated and ability for improvement.



Change Management

To us, change management is about managing the continuous adjustments of organizational structure in order to keep up with constantly evolving environment and business conditions.


The main goal is to get from a crisis, or an inherently problematic situation to clearly defined targets. It is about the controlled, monitored and stable implementation of individual steps to achieve a realignment of the organization by applying specific methods, concepts and tools.





Implementation Transfer Embedding



Business Coaching

Our business coaching is a way of providing advice to individuals or groups by professionally trained coach with field experience. The coach supports managers in analysing complex problem situations, and in developing suitable solutions.


Employing methodical tools, participants can reflect on business related tasks while discovering the role of leadership as well as communication and behaviour, resulting in personal and professional development.



Business Expertise


Our team has several experienced managers, who are working in different industries using wide variety of specialist competencies. In our experience, organizational advice based on business expertise is the best way to support your change management process.





... and our Motivation to advise and support You!